The BePART Forum is where civil participation initiatives can be shared by users to serve as inspiration for others.

The aim is to develop a database of knowledge and experience that allows civil society organisations and public authorities to learn from each other and strengthen civil participation across the Council of Europe Member States. The examples on the platform will be presented in a standardised and easy-to-use format.

Step 1: Present your initiative

Citizens, either individual or organised in an NGO, and representatives of public institutions are encouraged to contribute to the growing repository of civil participation initiatives of the BePART Forum by submitting their very own example. To do so, contributors are invited to register by filling in the dedicated registration form. Upon sending the registration form contributors will receive a link to an on-line questionnaire to fill with information about the initiative.

Step 2: Information will be completed

Once you have submitted your contribution, BePART contributor page and the initiative page will be created on the platform. The initiative will be marked as “Submitted” and appear on the BePART Forum.

However, the BePART Forum aims to collect experiences which are representative of the views of both civil society and institutions. Therefore, for each initiative, the aim is to collect information from at least one civil society organisation and one public administration actor involved in the respective process.

Your contribution will be sent by the BePART administrator to the “initiative partner” (i.e., if the contribution is submitted by a civil society organisation actor it will be sent to the public administration indicated as partner in the case study collector, and vice-versa) who will have the opportunity to submit information from their side.

Once information from both sides is received, the initiative will be marked as “under review” and will go through the validation process as described above.

Step 3: Initiatives will be validated

Twice a year, initiative will be validated by the BePART Working Group at the Council of Europe based on the principles laid out in the “Revised Code of Good Practice for Civil Participation in the Decision-making Process”.

Successful initiatives will be marked as “Validated” in the BePART Forum.


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