Get inspired

by initiatives of Civil Participation
in decision-making processes!



BePART provides an interactive overview of civil participation initiatives, collected from Civil Society Organisations, public authorities and researchers. It will help those who wish to develop participatory practices for example on urban development, gender policy, environmental protection, and many other matters and who wish to learn from challenges and lessons learned by others.


The BePART Forum will provide useful information to raise knowledge on different participatory formats and tools, strengthen democratic values and inspire others to implement their own participatory processes. It is a network for peer-to-peer exchange and learning, across the Council of Europe Member States.  It is a tool from practitioners for practitioners!


Targeting both civil society organisations and public authorities, the BePART Forum aspires to actively contribute to mainstreaming participation in political decision making by:

Building capacity and knowledge

Promoting democratic values

Activating inspiration

Reinforcing networks and processes

Triggering change

The BePART Forum is a joint initiative of the Directorate General of Democracy (DGII)/Division of Elections and Participatory Democracy, Conference of International Non-Governmental Organisations (CINGO) and of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.